Florida Welcome Center

The Capitol Welcome Center is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For holiday hours and tours, please inquire at (850) 488-6167. Information about Florida and the Capitol is available from the Welcome Center. Weekday guided tours are available for large groups by contacting the Welcome Center for availability. Self-guided tours are also available. Bookings for guided tours during the months of March, April and May should be made several months in advance.

The Capitol Welcome Center was opened in 1972 in the Old Capitol building and moved to the New Capitol building in 1977. It is located on the West Plaza Level in the Capitol. The Capitol Welcome Center is one of five Official Florida Welcome Centers. The others are I-10 (Pensacola), U.S. 231 (Campbellton), I-75 (Jennings) and I-95 (Yulee). Official Florida Welcome Centers have a long history, extending back to the opening in 1949 of the U.S. Highway 17 Yulee Welcome Center. Florida was one of the first states to establish highway Welcome Centers. The Official Florida Welcome Centers are operated by VISIT FLORIDA. The Official Florida Welcome Centers are designed to provide visitors with a vast assortment of information incorporating general and specific material on travel, highways, sports, climate, resort areas, cities, outdoor recreation and attractions. Since opening, the Florida Welcome Centers have distributed more than 200 million maps and brochures to the more than 90 million visitors who stopped at the centers upon arriving in the state of Florida. Tourism is big business in Florida. In fact, it's the biggest business, with a larger economic impact than any other single private sector industry. And it's not just those directly involved in the tourism business that benefit from a healthy, growing tourism industry. Visitors to Florida generate tax revenues that help pay for things that benefit all Floridians, such as schools, law enforcement, road improvements and many other public needs. The presence of visitors is helping make the quality of life better for everyone who calls Florida home.

VISIT FLORIDA is the official tourism marketing organization of Florida and the service company for the Florida Commission on Tourism, a private/public partnership established by the Florida Legislature to promote the state as the world's premier visitor destination.